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-====== Support my challenge to help fight kid's cancer ====== 
-Hi visitor, 
-As you may know, I'm riding in the [[http://​greatcyclechallenge.com.au/​|Great Cycle Challenge]] this month and //​pedalling//​ throughout October for one reason...**to kick cancer'​s butt**! 
-Why? Because cancer is the largest killer of children from disease in Australia – 3 children die of cancer every week! 
-Kids should be living life, not fighting for it. 
-So I'm riding 100km this month to give cancer a good old-fashioned butt-kicking and give these kids the brighter futures they deserve...but I need your support. 
-Please sponsor me today to support my challenge and join me to fight kids' cancer! 
-Simply click the link below to view my personal fundraising page and make a donation: 
-All funds raised will support Children'​s Medical Research Institute to continue their work in developing treatments and finding a cure for childhood cancer. 
-Thank you for your support. 
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